Our Projects

Northeast has a pipeline of shovel-ready and shovel-worthy infrastructure projects to rebuild, reinforce and improve communities and First Nations in Ontario.

Current Projects

Sector Project Sponsor Role Involvement
Liquefied Natural Gas Nipigon LNG Government of Ontario Asset Management Public-private co-investment to provide off-pipeline communities, First Nations and businesses with more affordable, cleaner and more reliable energy using LNG as the gas supply.
Renewable Natural Gas Waste to RNG Confidential Asset Origination RNG production from organic waste from farms, businesses and municipalities to reduce GHG emissions and advance sustainable community development.
Renewable Natural Gas Woody Biomass to RNG Confidential Asset Origination Woody biomass gasification, creating RNG to help transition from fossil energy and sustain forestry jobs for local communities and First Nations.
Hydrogen Power to Gas Confidential Asset Origination “Green” hydrogen production, utilizing surplus electricity generation capacity to achieve environmental goals and economic recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
District Energy Ambient Temperature Heating/Cooling Confidential Asset Origination District energy to reduce energy costs and GHG emissions by using recovered thermal energy from wastewater, energy generation from biogas and deep lake cooling.
Broadband Glass-in-Gas Internet Confidential Asset Origination Expansion of high-speed internet (50Mps/10Mps) by leveraging existing natural gas pipelines, providing an essential service to underserved communities and businesses.
Distributed Energy Re-deployable Solar Hybrid Confidential Asset Advisory Rapid-response solar tracking system with 4-hour storage for utility peak shaving to improve reliability and optimize investments by electric local distribution companies.

Select Past Projects

Sector Project Sponsor Role Involvement
Utility North Shore Natural Gas Consortium of Ontario Municipalities Asset Origination Project developer of a regional natural gas distribution delivery network in northern Ontario to bring cost-effective, reliable and low carbon energy to more than 5,500 homes and businesses in five municipalities.
Utility Southern Bruce Natural Gas EPCOR Asset Advisory Business developer for a natural gas distribution system to serve more than 8,500 potential customers in nine communities and an industrial park in southern Ontario.
Natural Gas Thorold LNG Consortium of Natural Gas Utilities Asset Origination Project developer for an LNG production facility in southern Ontario to supply LNG to utility-owned LNG storage and vaporization facilities to provide system reliability and avoid building new pipelines.
Power Generation Flexible Gas Supply for Peaking Plants Multiple Electricity Generators Asset Origination Infrastructure solution provider to afford high-deliverability, short-notice natural gas service to gas-fired peaking plants in Ontario and northeast United States to reduce fixed costs and increase flexibility for owners.
Hydrogen Atlantic Hydrogen CarbonSaver Emera Asset Origination Project developer of “blue hydrogen” natural gas pyrolysis facilities, which avoided the CO2 generated by stream methane reforming and was less energy intensive than electrolysis.
Hydrogen Commercial Advisory Committee & Naturalhy Consortium of International Energy Companies Asset Advisory Co-ordinator of a North American committee of energy stakeholders and non-European observer to Naturalhy, an international consortium of 39 partners co-financed by the European Commission, with the goal of initiating the near-future practical transition to the hydrogen economy.