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Infrastructure Investment Off the Beaten Path

We invest away from the crowd, matching long-term private financing with underserved markets. Our community-focused and bottom-up approach targets mid-size energy infrastructure projects, with particular emphasis on critical infrastructure at the local and regional levels.

We specialize in essential infrastructure services that contribute to social well-being, security and prosperity, where demand is contractually protected or highly predictable over time.

  • Originate and promote investment in high-quality, revenue-generating assets that earn long-term stable cash flows.
  • Work with communities, First Nations, utilities and developers to identify and evaluate market-ready projects that promote sustainable development and community renewal.
  • Provide projects with a range of financing options, including direct lending, that align with and attract lower-cost public sources of capital.
  • Adhere to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles to mitigate risks and build on the United Nations sustainable development goal of “build back better.”
  • Maximize operational and financing efficiencies by bundling several smaller to mid-size projects into a single portfolio.

Targeted Infrastructure Sectors

Northeast focuses primarily on three infrastructure investment categories: green infrastructure, connectivity and resiliency. All our investments to date are in Ontario – Canada’s most populous province and home to 40% of the country’s population. However, we are open to new investment opportunities throughout Canada.


  • Low-carbon LNG, renewable natural gas (biomethane) and hydrogen facilities that transition households and businesses away from the consumption of carbon-emitting fuels
  • District energy and distributed resources to meet local needs for affordable, clean and reliable energy.
  • Broadband internet to increase connectivity in underserved communities.

Province of Ontario

Northeast Midstream Projects Map
Northeast Midstream Projects Map

Key Regional Characteristics

Northwest Ontario

Energy supply is a concern to small communities; Ring of Fire development

Northeast Ontario

New infrastructure in development to maintain reliability

Southwest Ontario

High growth in indoor agriculture driving significant electricity needs; strong focus on community-based sustainable energy solutions (e.g., district energy and electrification)

East Ontario

Climate change mitigation a key focus; communities driving greenhouse gas reduction measures (e.g., electrification of transit and thermal load)

Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Central Ontario

High urban growth with significant needs for more capacity emerging; strong local interest in distributed energy resources (DERs)

Source: IESO, March 2020