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Infrastructure Investment Off the Beaten Path

We invest away from the crowd, matching long-term private financing with underserved markets. Our community-focused and bottom-up approach targets mid-size energy infrastructure projects, with particular emphasis on critical infrastructure at the local level.

We specialize in essential infrastructure services that contribute to social well-being, security and prosperity, where demand is contractually protected or highly predictable over time.

  • Originate and promote investment in high-quality, revenue-generating assets that earn long-term stable cash flows.
  • Work with communities, First Nations, utilities and developers to identify and evaluate market-ready projects that promote sustainable development and community renewal.
  • Provide projects with a range of financing options, including direct lending, that align with and attract lower-cost public sources of capital.
  • Champion environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies and practices to help manage risk and ensure sustainable development.
  • Maximize operational and financing efficiencies by bundling several smaller to mid-size projects into a single portfolio.

Targeted Infrastructure Sectors

Northeast focuses primarily on three infrastructure investment categories: green infrastructure, transportation/connectivity and asset resiliency. All our investments to date are in Ontario – Canada’s most populous province and home to 40% of the country’s population. However, we are open to new investment opportunities throughout Canada.

Green Infrastructure

  • Combined heat and power, district energy, microgrids and energy storage systems to meet local needs for distributed energy resources.
  • Biogas, renewable natural gas (biomethane) and geothermal facilities that deliver reliable carbon-neutral thermal energy to households and businesses.
  • Water, wastewater and flood mitigation resources to safeguard local environmental quality and build resilience.

Transportation and Connectivity

  • Electric and low-carbon vehicles to reduce emissions from municipal and regional fleets.
  • Local airports, short-line rail systems and all-season roads to strengthen communities and enhance productivity.
  • Broadband internet to help increase connectivity in unserved and underserved communities.


  • Cybersecurity software to strengthen reliability of critical infrastructure.
  • Applications to help preserve and extend the service life of long-term infrastructure assets.
  • Enhanced system forecasting and visualization tools to improve energy planning and procurement decisions.

Province of Ontario

Northeast Midstream Projects Map
Northeast Midstream Projects Map

Key Regional Characteristics

Northwest Ontario

Energy supply is a concern to small communities; Ring of Fire development

Northeast Ontario

New infrastructure in development to maintain reliability

Southwest Ontario

High growth in indoor agriculture driving significant electricity needs; strong focus on community-based sustainable energy solutions (e.g., district energy and electrification)

East Ontario

Climate change mitigation a key focus; communities driving greenhouse gas reduction measures (e.g., electrification of transit and thermal load)

Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Central Ontario

High urban growth with significant needs for more capacity emerging; strong local interest in distributed energy resources (DERs)

Source: IESO, March 2020